A tour that can be done with or without “Emotion” during the buggy trip. We go along the most beautiful beaches of the north coast.
Starting with the urban beaches. From the beach of Ponta Negra to the beach of Redinha. We cross by ferry on the river Ceará Mirim. Then we arrive at the Pitangui lagoon. Known as the oasis, where we stop for a while.

Then we continue our way to the beach of Genipabu. Choose in advance whether the buggy ride should be done with or without “Emotion”. Also enjoy this beautiful dune area. Visit the Genipabu lagoon or take a ride on the dromedaries. Then we arrive at the dunes of Jacumã with its attractions such as Tirol, Skybunda and Kamicase.
Finally we end up at Muriú beach for lunch. At the end of the day we visited 13 beaches, 4 dune parks and 3 lagoons.

Day: daily
Buggy: maximum 4 people
Children: from 5 years
Duration: 7 hours
Lunch: not included
Transfers: ferry R $ 30 per buggy. Access to the dune park R $ 10 per buggy

Note: Prices may vary during the high season and during the holidays

The rental price of the buggy is a fixed price. Alone or with 2 people? Then with your approval others can ride along to share the rent.

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