Fernando de Noronha is located at a distance of 340 km from the coast. The most beautiful archipel at the eastcoast of South America. The islands have been declared a protected natural enviroment since 1988. The number of visitors is therefore limited.

On arrival you will see the 322 meter high Morro do Pico rock formation. This rock can be seen from the entire island. Fernando is an unspoilt and natural paradise on earth. But the biggest fame is the extensive underwater flora and fauna. There are 17 dive sites on the island. Take a dip and enjoy the coral reefs and wrecks. They are inhabited by dolphins, rays, barracudas, sharks, turtles and many more marine animals. The underwater fauna is also a colorful spectacle.

It’s allowed to dive and is possible for beginners and advanced divers. A trip with a glass-bottomed boat is also possible. Perhaps the most beautiful trip is the boat trip along the dolphin bay. Dolphins appear here everywhere and even swim besides the boat.

The trip to Fernando de Noronha takes three days and two nights. The price includes flights, all transfers on the island and the stay. Extending is possible and there are many other activities to do. Ask for the prices on the spot.

Fernando de Noronha is an experience that you’ll never forget.


Note: Prices may vary during the high season and during the holidays

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